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March 2018
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Aliette sheds some light on the various reasons to write in the first person and some of the downfalls. Don't forget to pick up her Blood and Obsidian omnibus now! Then Ben and Guillermo talk about what they always talk about: Batman. Enjoy...Write!

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Once again Aliette takes some time out of her life to talk to Ben and Guillermo ( This time about some of the interesting aspects of Aztec culture and how to integrate historical culture with fantasy. Then the boys discuss a topic very near and dear to their hearts (hint: it's Gay Bigfoot). Enjoy, and write!

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Aliette de Bodard ( is an amazing author and just delightful during this whole interview. She talks to the boys about her books (the Obsidian and Blood trilogy), inspiration, Short stories and blurring the line between fantasy and sci-fi (follow her on Twitter: @aliettedb). Speaking of technical difficulties: this episode really should have been heavily edited, but Ben doesn't believe in editing so...(Listen closely at the 39:26 mark to hear Ben's son roar loud enough to be picked up by the mic.) Enjoy, and write!

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For this month's interlude, Bryan swings by for a stop on the blog tour for his new book, The Returning (the sequel to The Worker Prince). We discuss writing sequels, using pseudonyms, Peter Mayhew, and gay Bigfoot (don't ask). Find Bryan here: Write!

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Rachel stops by one last time to discuss blorging (that's what we're calling it now). The guys find fun ways to get her off the topic and hilarity ensues. Then Ben and Guillermo talk about stuff...nothing special, just stuff. Enjoy the episode, and HUGE thanks to Rachel Aaron for being our guest this month ( and on Twitter: @Rachel_Aaron). Write!

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Another awesome episode featuring the awesome Rachel Aaron (! This time she discusses world-building with Ben and Guillermo, and we find out a little bit about how to sneak your voice into a given book too. Afterwards, Ben is all alone because Guillermo would rather sleep. Thanks for listening. Write!

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In this (much-delayed) episode Rachel explains how to write 500,000 words in one afternoon (individual results may vary). After this episode. and with some luck, we'll all reach that first million in no time flat. Read her blog on the topic at and follow her on Twitter @Rachel_Aaron, and don't forget to get yourself a copy of her newly released book, The Spirit War. Afterwards, Ben and Guiilermo make massive apologies for how long this episode took to get out there, talk about how much we rip off The Dead Robots' Society (, then make general pleas to save Bryan Thomas Schmidt's car ( Enjoy. 

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Rachel Aaron stops by to tell us a bit about herself and her books (The Legend of Eli Monpress Series) and a look into some of her writing processes. It was truly a pleasure to have her as a guest; we look forward to the nex three weeks of writing advice topics. You can find Rachel online at and follow her on Twitter: @Rachel_Aaron. Don't forget to pick up her newly released book, The Spirit War and look for Spirit's End in November. Enjoy...and Write!

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