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Dave stops by as we prep for NaNoWriMo to talk about his podcast, the Roundtable Podcast (; if you're prepping for NaNo too, you should check it out. We also meander in the conversation a bit to talk about some random stuff. Then Guiilermo ends up trapped in an episode of the Twilight Zone. Enjoy. Write!

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  • It was really fun to hear you guys interview Dave. The Roundtable is one of my favorite writing podcasts - no - just one of my favorite podcasts period. Such great stuff on every episode I've heard. Anyways I just wanted to write in and share a little of my journey - writing fiction as a Christian. If you read my short stories you'll find that most are just fun sci-fi or fantasy adventures, but I do have a few "Christian" stories. They just came out that way. However, I do not write stories to convert people to become Christians, I write them to entertain. I actually completely changed my last novel in the second draft from being all about the main character getting "saved" to the main character changing from a workaholic to someone who values his family above all else. I did this because I was planning on that novel being my debut novel to come out on as a free audiobook, and as a self-published eBook - and I didn't want to be known as a "Christian" author, just as a spec fic author. So I changed the story and took out any references of the characters being Christian. I deleted scenes of them going to church, praying – etc. and the story became about the main character's arc of workaholic to good husband and father. After Beta Readers gave me feedback I realized that the fourth draft would take a lot of work and it was so daunting I have moved on. An author friend told me that trunking it and writing the next one would be a better move than re-hashing it through a forth draft and to come back to it once I’ve almost forgotten about it. Now I'm writing the novel that I had the privilege to workshop on Dave and Brion Humphrey's show The Roundtable Podcast - with Dan Wells as the guest author. I chose Dan Wells because his 7 point story structure thing and the "Writing Excuses" podcast he's on have helped me so much. It's a techno zombie novel that has no Christian stuff in it - it's just about a loser becoming a hero and winning the girl. A coming of age heroes journey adventure with hopefully some awesome action and plot. I have been in "Christian" hard rock bands before too and I changed how I felt about it over the years. In high school we were all about being a "Christian" band. After college I lived in Seattle and was in a heavy metal band. All of our lyrics were Christian, even including bible verses, but we never labeled ourselves that way. I think that let us reach out to more people after shows wanting to talk about music and whatever other topics might happen to come up. This is a subject near and dear to my heart and be sure to let us know if you end up doing some sort of podcast or blog site on it because I'd love to contribute to the conversation.

    posted by: Dan Dan The Art Man on 2012-10-12 18:08:20

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