The First Million Words
Ever wanted to track down your favorite author and beg for writing advice? That's what we do...for you. Listen every week as we cover writing tips from the pros to help reach the first million words, and beyond.

Ben and Guillermo discuss inspiration with Bryan Thomas Schmidt (author of The Worker Prince, editor of Space Battles). How do you keep track of your story ideas? Where do they come from? When should you transition from idea to story? Find out in our conversation with Bryan. Then they talk about what they've been doing the past week: not a whole lot, it turns out. Also, check out the Hugo nominations for this year (special congrats to Mur Lafferty, John Scalzi, Neil Gaiman and Sf Signal). Here's a link to Bryan's blog that might help, and here's John Scalzi's short story he did for April 1st, enjoy. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.  Write

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